mmpretrain.models.multimodal.otter.otter 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
from typing import List, Optional

import torch

from mmpretrain.registry import MODELS, TOKENIZER
from mmpretrain.structures import DataSample
from ..flamingo.flamingo import ExtendModule, Flamingo, PerceiverResampler

[文档]@MODELS.register_module() class Otter(Flamingo): """The Otter model for multiple tasks. Args: vision_encoder (dict): The config of the vision encoder. lang_encoder (dict): The config of the language encoder. tokenizer (dict): The tokenizer to encode the text. task (int): The task to perform prediction. zeroshot_prompt (str): Prompt used for zero-shot inference. Defaults to an. shot_prompt_tmpl (str): Prompt used for few-shot inference. Defaults to ``<image>User:Please describe the image. GPT:<answer>{caption}<|endofchunk|>``. final_prompt_tmpl (str): Final part of prompt used for inference. Defaults to '<image>User:Please describe the image. GPT:<answer>'. generation_cfg (dict): The extra generation config, accept the keyword arguments of [~`transformers.GenerationConfig`]. Defaults to an empty dict. data_preprocessor (Optional[dict]): The config for preprocessing input data. If None or no specified type, it will use "MutimodalDataPreprocessor" as type. See :class:`MutimodalDataPreprocessor` for more details. Defaults to None. init_cfg (dict, optional): The initialization config. Defaults to None. """ support_tasks = {'caption', 'vqa'} _no_split_modules = [ 'TransformerEncoderLayer', 'PerceiverAttention', 'GatedCrossAttentionBlock', 'FlamingoLayer' ] def __init__( self, vision_encoder: dict, lang_encoder: dict, tokenizer: dict, task: str = 'caption', zeroshot_prompt: str = '', shot_prompt_tmpl: str = ('<image>User:Please describe the image. ' 'GPT:<answer>{caption}<|endofchunk|>'), final_prompt_tmpl: str = ('<image>User:Please describe the image. ' 'GPT:<answer>'), generation_cfg: dict = dict(), data_preprocessor: Optional[dict] = None, init_cfg: Optional[dict] = None): if data_preprocessor is None: data_preprocessor = {} if isinstance(data_preprocessor, dict): data_preprocessor.setdefault('type', 'MultiModalDataPreprocessor') data_preprocessor = super(Flamingo, self).__init__( init_cfg=init_cfg, data_preprocessor=data_preprocessor) if task not in self.support_tasks: raise ValueError(f'Unsupported task {task}, please select ' f'the task from {self.support_tasks}.') self.task = task # init tokenizer self.tokenizer = # add Otter special tokens to the tokenizer self.tokenizer.add_special_tokens({ 'additional_special_tokens': ['<|endofchunk|>', '<image>', '<answer>'] }) self.tokenizer.bos_token_id = 1 if self.tokenizer.pad_token is None: # Issue: GPT models don't have a pad token, which we use to # modify labels for the loss. self.tokenizer.add_special_tokens({'pad_token': '<PAD>'}) # Template to format the prompt input self.zeroshot_prompt = zeroshot_prompt self.shot_prompt_tmpl = shot_prompt_tmpl self.final_prompt_tmpl = final_prompt_tmpl # init vision encoder related modules vision_encoder_weight = vision_encoder.pop('pretrained', None) self.vision_encoder = if vision_encoder_weight is not None: from mmengine.runner.checkpoint import load_checkpoint load_checkpoint( self.vision_encoder, vision_encoder_weight, map_location='cpu', revise_keys=[(r'^backbone\.', '')], ) self.vision_encoder.is_init = True self.perceiver = PerceiverResampler(dim=self.vision_encoder.embed_dims) # init language encoder related modules self.lang_encoder = ExtendModule(**lang_encoder) self.lang_encoder.resize_token_embeddings(len(self.tokenizer)) self.lang_encoder.media_token_id = self.tokenizer.encode('<image>')[-1] # other necessary parameters self.eoc_token_id = self.tokenizer.encode('<|endofchunk|>')[-1] self.generation_cfg = generation_cfg if hasattr(self, 'register_load_state_dict_post_hook'): self.register_load_state_dict_post_hook(self._load_adapter_hook)
[文档] def post_process( self, outputs: torch.Tensor, data_samples: Optional[List[DataSample]]) -> List[DataSample]: """Perform post process for outputs for different task. Args: outputs (torch.Tensor): The generated outputs. data_samples (List[DataSample], optional): The annotation data of every samples. Returns: List[DataSample]: Return list of data samples. """ outputs = self.tokenizer.batch_decode( outputs, skip_special_tokens=True) if data_samples is None: data_samples = [DataSample() for _ in range(len(outputs))] for output, data_sample in zip(outputs, data_samples): # remove text pattern if self.task == 'caption': data_sample.pred_caption = output elif self.task == 'vqa': data_sample.pred_answer = output return data_samples
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