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MMPretrain is a newly upgraded open-source framework for pre-training. It has set out to provide multiple powerful pre-trained backbones and support different pre-training strategies. MMPretrain originated from the famous open-source projects MMClassification and MMSelfSup, and is developed with many exiciting new features. The pre-training stage is essential for vision recognition currently. With the rich and strong pre-trained models, we are currently capable of improving various downstream vision tasks.

Our primary objective for the codebase is to become an easily accessible and user-friendly library and to streamline research and engineering. We detail the properties and design of MMPretrain across different sections.

Hands-on Roadmap of MMPretrain

To help users quickly utilize MMPretrain, we recommend following the hands-on roadmap we have created for the library:

  • For users who want to try MMPretrain, we suggest reading the GetStarted section for the environment setup.

  • For basic usage, we refer users to UserGuides for utilizing various algorithms to obtain the pre-trained models and evaluate their performance in downstream tasks.

  • For those who wish to customize their own algorithms, we provide AdvancedGuides that include hints and rules for modifying code.

  • To find your desired pre-trained models, users could check the ModelZoo, which features a summary of various backbones and pre-training methods and introfuction of different algorithms.

  • Additionally, we provide Analysis and Visualization tools to help diagnose algorithms.

  • Besides, if you have any other questions or concerns, please refer to the Notes section for potential answers.

We always welcome PRs and Issues for the betterment of MMPretrain.

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