t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (t-SNE) Visualization

Introduction of the t-SNE visualization tool

MMPretrain provides tools/visualization/ tool to visualize the feature embeddings of images by t-SNE. Please install sklearn to calculate t-SNE by pip install scikit-learn.


python tools/visualization/ \
    CONFIG \
    [--checkpoint CHECKPOINT] \
    [--work-dir WORK_DIR] \
    [--test-cfg TEST_CFG] \
    [--vis-stage {backbone,neck,pre_logits}]
    [--class-idx ${CLASS_IDX} [CLASS_IDX ...]]
    [--max-num-class MAX_NUM_CLASS]
    [--max-num-samples MAX_NUM_SAMPLES]
    [--cfg-options CFG_OPTIONS [CFG_OPTIONS ...]]
    [--device DEVICE]
    [--n-components N_COMPONENTS]
    [--perplexity PERPLEXITY]
    [--early-exaggeration EARLY_EXAGGERATION]
    [--learning-rate LEARNING_RATE]
    [--n-iter N_ITER]
    [--n-iter-without-progress N_ITER_WITHOUT_PROGRESS]
    [--init INIT]

Description of all arguments

  • CONFIG: The path of t-SNE config file.

  • --checkpoint CHECKPOINT: The path of the checkpoint file.

  • --work-dir WORK_DIR: The directory to save logs and visualization images.

  • --test-cfg TEST_CFG: The path of t-SNE config file to load config of test dataloader.

  • --vis-stage {backbone,neck,pre_logits}: The visualization stage of the model.

  • --class-idx CLASS_IDX [CLASS_IDX ...]: The categories used to calculate t-SNE.

  • --max-num-class MAX_NUM_CLASS: The first N categories to apply t-SNE algorithms. Defaults to 20.

  • --max-num-samples MAX_NUM_SAMPLES: The maximum number of samples per category. Higher number need longer time to calculate. Defaults to 100.

  • --cfg-options CFG_OPTIONS [CFG_OPTIONS ...]: override some settings in the used config, the key-value pair in xxx=yyy format will be merged into config file. If the value to be overwritten is a list, it should be like key=”[a,b]” or key=a,b It also allows nested list/tuple values, e.g. key=”[(a,b),(c,d)]” Note that the quotation marks are necessary and that no white space is allowed.

  • --device DEVICE: Device used for inference.

  • --legend: Show the legend of all categories.

  • --show: Display the result in a graphical window.

  • --n-components N_COMPONENTS: The dimension of results.

  • --perplexity PERPLEXITY: The perplexity is related to the number of nearest neighbors that is used in other manifold learning algorithms.

  • --early-exaggeration EARLY_EXAGGERATION: Controls how tight natural clusters in the original space are in the embedded space and how much space will be between them.

  • --learning-rate LEARNING_RATE: The learning rate for t-SNE is usually in the range[10.0, 1000.0]. If the learning rate is too high, the data may looklike a ball with any point approximately equidistant from its nearestneighbours. If the learning rate is too low, most points may lookcompressed in a dense cloud with few outliers.

  • --n-iter N_ITER: Maximum number of iterations for the optimization. Should be at least 250.

  • --n-iter-without-progress N_ITER_WITHOUT_PROGRESS: Maximum number of iterations without progress before we abort the optimization.

  • --init INIT: The init method.

How to visualize the t-SNE of a image classifier (such as ResNet)

Here are two examples of running t-SNE visualization on ResNet-18 and ResNet-50 models, trained on CIFAR-10 dataset:

python tools/visualization/ \
    configs/resnet/ \

python tools/visualization/ \
    configs/resnet/ \



How to visualize the t-SNE of a self-supervised model (such as MAE)

Here is an example of running t-SNE visualization on MAE-ViT-base model, trained on ImageNet dataset. The input data is from ImageNet validation set. MAE and some self-supervised pre-training algorithms do not have test_dataloader information. When analyzing such self-supervised algorithms, you need to add test_dataloader information in the config, or you can use ‘–test-cfg’ argument to specify a config file.

python tools/visualization/ \
    configs/mae/ \
    --checkpoint \
    --test-cfg configs/_base_/datasets/


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